The Proposition

I found quite the interesting offer over on Hacker News. Dude put out a call for developers with ideas. He would put up $5k to pay for the developer to code up their idea. When done, dude would spend an additional $3k to promote the product. In the end, dude and developer would split the proceeds 50-50.

There was some comment backlash that 50% sounded a bit steep for $8k. However this was for ideas that were sitting around unfinished. Also the dude was offering expertise in marketing, and putting up all the cash. I actually kind of liked the idea.

The only caveat is that he dude required that he approve the initial idea. It has to be good enough for him to invest the $9k. That sounds fair enough to me. I wonder if he would back my latest game idea. I could probably code up an MVP in a month or two. There is only one way to find out.