Sales Funnel

I was reading a blog post. Found a picture near the bottom and thought it was part of the post. No. It was an advertisement. The girl with the big jugs caught my eye. I clicked through.

I saw a promotion for T-shirts. Nothing new. A girl with a big chest filling out a shirt has been used before. At first I thought the promotion was a buy three, get three shirts free one. Nope. Upon closer inspection, it was buy three, get six free.

Now I am one for a good deal. This was starting to sound like a good deal. I read the fine print. The only catch was that any upcharges would be applied to all the free shirts as well. Fair enough. Then I started trying to pick some shirts. The site was slow. Every options I chose took a while. Not good if I plan to buy 9 shirts.

I wanted a larger size. Upcharge. I wanted a color other than white. Upcharge. The deal was getting less and less attractive as I went along. The price was rising. And it was going to take forever to wait for the site to respond to all the options I needed to make. Sale lost. Too bad.