Vacation Funding

I work for an employer that provides three weeks of vacation. That is pretty good. Standard benefits in general only provide two weeks of vacation. I take full advantage of this. I schedule a few weeks of vacation each year.

Today I saw an amazing post from Full Contact API. I actually never heard of them before. Now I know and admire them. Many others want to work with them. In addition to three weeks of paid vacation, they will pay employees up to $7500 for the actual costs of the vacation. Bamm.

I always like to see extraordinary benefits for developers. You can always give a higher salary. But you stand out if you provide the actual funds for vacations. That can make for some awesome vacations. The only other time I was as excited as reading this was when I heard a company provided $14k yearly for training purposes.

Good work Full Contact API. I bet you are going to get a lot of applications for employment very soon.