This Web Host

There was some recent ruckus about some accounts being deleted from ThisWebHost. Some dude had a PayPal issue. His friend got involved. Both of them had their accounts deleted by an admin. The administrator also let them have it over Twitter. Normally this would be just another customer service dispute.

Today I saw that the administrator was being repurposed from customer support to just technical issues. A new administrator blogged about being the new voice for ThisWebHost's customer support. So far so good. Then the blogger dropped the bomb. He asserted that abusive e-mails to the company were illegal. WTF?

I understand the company is getting blasted over the inappropriate tweets from the former customer support. But declaring that e-mails are illegal is just the wrong way to go. They were making a good comeback with the new admin dude. Why try to assert the strong hand of the law? It is almost comical. These guys need to bring in some real PR damage control. Fail.