Extra Value

I watch DVDs with my brother every week. We also grab some dinner while we watch the movies at my house. More often than not, we just head to McDonald's. They are really quick. The food is adequate. The prices are not bad. My brother usually treats as well.

Every so often, my brother will bring over a coupon booklet from McDonald's. This allows us to get some free items with our order. Sometimes we walk into the store so we can both use the coupons. He leaves the coupons with me.

I like a McDonald's breakfast every once in a while. Previously the coupons I used were for a free large soda. Now they have changed the coupon to be a free large soda with purchase. To maximize my value, I buy a sandwich off the dollar menbu. I couple that with the coupon for a free drink.

Here is my question. Why is McDonald's providing the coupons? They can't be making that much money off me. Maybe they are trying to attract new customers. Or perhaps they are trying to get some goodwill from me. It is working. But I do not think they are getting such a great return on investment. We already go to McDonald's and pay full price for more expensive food without them sending us coupons.