Poor User Interface

I found this site that posts good deals. Right now I am trying it out. One deal was that you could get a free MP3 player by submitting a comment on FaceBook. That sounded good to me.

Now I actually have a FaceBook account for these rare circumstances where I need to log into it. Here is the problem with this contest. It was mind boggling on how to actually post the comment.

There was a link to comment. But when I clicked It, I had to log in. After logging in, the comment link disappeared. Not sure if this was a problem with the sponsor, or with FaceBook itself.

Eventually I clear all my browser cookies, kept clicking all over randomly, and entered a comment. If they did not have a carrot (the free MP3 player), this would have been an absolute fail. It still is a failure in my book. How can this user interface suck so bad?