Eye Candy

I read a blog post about this great hack to make walkie talkies be texting devices. The dude had a bunch of AdSense ads up on his sites. I scrolled through to see if there was any ads that might be interesting. Only one had that ad copy that made me click. It asked if I wanted to be ripped. You bet I do.

At first I was disappointed with the landing page the ad took me to. I was expecting to see some dudes with exposed six packs. Nope. I found some non-famous guy posing as a basketball player. Weak. I could not tell if he was ripped or not.

Luckily a video of a hot blond chick appeared in the margin. She had a squeaky but sexy voice too. This helped me stay long enough on the page to scroll down. That's where I found pictures of ripped guys. But come on. These images should have been places above the fold.

Let's cut to the chase. Here was the proposition. I could get a free sample. However I would have to pay five bucks for shipping. I have heard about free sample scams before where you get placed on a subscription of non-free product. There are worse free sample scams out there as well. I did not want to deal with such a potential scam. So sorry blondie. I am going to have to pass.