Hostess Non-Guarantee

I picked up a bag of powdered doughnuts from the store. The price came out to $3 before tax. These things tasted good. When I first broke into the bag to chow down, I read the back of the back. This is where I found the Quality Guarantee: "HOSTESS is committed to providing quality bakery products. We invite you comments and questions."

WTF is that? It sounded like some crap that their lawyers wrote. I guess I am a little spoiled by real guarantees where the company backs the guarantee with a money back offer. That is standing by your product. What is Hostess backing their guarantee with? If I don't think the product has quality, I can ask them a question? It seems they take their customers for fools.

Come on Hostess. If you cannot offer a real guarantee, don't try to hide behind some lawyer mumbo-jumbo. Either skip the guarantee or stand behind your product. What an epic fail. And to think that I actually like the taste of their doughnuts. The stinking "quality guarantee" left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Weak I tell you. Weak.