I got an e-mail from the Electronic Data-Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system. It had 2 links which stated they would allow me to download a white paper on EDGAR capabilities. So I clicked on both the links. That took me to a web page that had a form I needed to fill out. I proceeded to enter my contact information. All I got was a message stating that I would get an e-mail with information on how to retrieve the white paper.

Normally I disregard e-mails that ask me to click a link. However this last e-mail was from EDGAR. So I figured it was safe to click. It may have indeed been safe. But I was tricked. It seems they just wanted to collect some information about me. As a user I don’t like to be tricked. If you are giving me a link to get to a form, don’t tell me the link will give me a white paper.

Yeah maybe EDGAR needs to compete with the other spammy folk out there. But this should not be so. I assume EDGAR is part of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In other words, this is a government site. And they should not be spamming. Well at least the e-mail I got had an unsubscribe link. I definitely clicked on that because I don’t want no spam nonsense from EDGAR.

So far I have not received the e-mail with the white paper promised by EDGAR. I certainly hope I don’t get any more email (spam) from them. You only get only chance to make a first impression on me. Bad form EDGAR. You lost my respect. I am made enough about the spam that I should write a letter or something. No. I have just written this blog post to rant. I am still using the power of the pen.