AdSense Hope

Nine months ago I started up a couple of blogs. The idea was to put advertising on them and make some cash. So I signed up for Google AdSense. It took a while to get some good posts on these blogs. Then I configured them to display AdSense on them. After a few months I was only early a couple dollars a month. I tried to drive more traffic to my web site to get more clicks and earn more money. However I only got a couple more bucks a month.So I cooked up one I thought was a great idea. I started clicking on my own ads. Then my click through ratios went sky high. I started to panic. Google would be able to tell something was not right if users (me) went straight through to just the ads. So I wrote some programs to help through the Google analysts off my track. I wrote some software to simulate users that came to my web pages but did not click the ads. Then my click through ratios were not as high.

Unfortunately the dark day came. I tried to log into AdSense to see the latest count of my cash. The login screen said my account had been disabled. It directed me to check my e-mail for further information. So I read my e-mail and found that they discovered the click fraud. I figured I could replace AdSense with some other ads. Yahoo never responded to me. The other services such as AdBrite or Adster did not pan out. Either the ads were problematic or did not pay well or the service was a scam and they skipped my payments.

Here I am with a bunch of blogs with no advertising. I decided to drop all the ads that were not working. I figured that maybe I could get another chance with AdSense. I filled out Google’s online appeal form. And I did not try to hide the fact that I clicked on my own ads. Essentially I was begging Google to take a chance on me. I hope they will be agreeable to that. If they do accept me, I will be extra careful to not try to cheat the system. It is not worth it. And I am positive there will not be a 3rd chance. I will keep you posted on what Google says.