Return on Investment

Recently I needed to purchase four copies of a hardback book. Naturally I went to Amazon. The total cost was around $50. That seemed a bit pricey. I searched around and found that I could probably get the books for half that amount. You would think it would be a no brainer, right? Choose the less costly option.

But first I decided to think back on what Amazon had done for me recently. I surely had downloaded a lot of free books from them. Most of them I enjoyed immensely. Now these were electronic books. Then I also recalled that I had purchased some non-free electronic books by mistake. Amazon served me well by immediately crediting back the amounts, no questions asked.

So what was I to do? I definintely want Amazon to continue providing me with all this value. And though I did not actually owe them any money from all their goodwill, I did feel obligated to return the many favors they have done me. That's how business is done. Treat me right all the time, and I will give you my business, even if you are not the cheapest option in town.