Bradford Exchange Checks

I am old fashioned. I still pay all my bills with paper checks I send in the mail. Recently I found I was on my last book of checks. Time to order some more. I saw some good designs from Bradford Exchange Checks. I ordered from them before. So I place another order.

I had not received my checks. But I did receive a letter in the mail. It was an invoice from Bradford Exchange. WTF? I sent full payment when I placed my order. Looks like they added an extra $4 to the bill. Initially I was going to write to complain. But it was just 4 bucks.

I suspect the problem is that they charged full price for my checks. I was supposed to get a $4 discount because it was a reorder. The fail was the way my invoice was written. It said that this was my second invoice. Wrong. This is the first correspondence I got from them. In addition, there was no phone number on the letter. So I could not call up and sort this out.

The total order for my box of checks comes out to $20. Not a huge amount. But being an avid check writer, I am going to always need replacements. In other words, a good checking printing company can have me as a customer for life. But not Bradford Exchange. They are screwing up what should be a very simple transaction.

It is difficult to provide top notch customer service. You should try to though. It can earn you customers for life. Yeah. Their mistake. Maybe I will write them anyway and inform them of the problem. Give them a chance to win me back. Let's see how they perform.