Damage Control

N-Control has a disaster on their hands. To start with, they seem to be unable to fulfill orders for their Avenger controllers. To make matters infinitely worse, the customer support fiasco with Paul Christoforo is dragging them down into the gutter. What is a company to do in such a situation?

They fired Ocean Marketing and Christoforo to start with. Then a guy named Eli Schwartz claimed to be the Marketing Director for the company. He tried to deal with outraged gamers dissing the controller on Amazon. It turns out that Schwartz was a high school intern for the company. He was in over his head.

Since then, Moises Chiullan has taken the helm. He is doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit. That might be difficult as the Redditors are a tough crowd. Moises is spinning the best he can. One technique is to make Christoforo to be the common bad guy. And he can try to make N-Control look like another victim. This also might be tricky, as they are probably not blameless. Let's see how this eventually pans out.