The Thank You Economy

I was reading a blog post that wrapped up by talking about hustle. I would give you a link. But they could not spell hustle correctly, so they lost points. However I was directed to watch some Gary Vaynerchuk videos if I wanted to conquer the world. Who? That's what I was thinking.

Gary's web site has a link to a keynote speech he gave in Las Vegas for Re/MAX. He even makes fun of the fact that most people in the audience would not know who he is. Most recently he wrote a book called the Thank You Economy. I did seem to recognize him from the wine review web site he created a log time ago.

Gary's goal is an old one. He wants to get you to provide great customer service to ensure you get customers that stick. His angle is that you can spend a little time with social media reaching out to such customers personally. That can provide you with lifelong customers.

I don't know if Gary is onto something big like he says he is. Perhaps he is looking to make more sales for his books. Or he really has discovered the next big thing. Time will tell.