iGoogle Tricks

Recently I have been hearing a lot about iGoogle from friends. They have customized their iGoogle pages with a bunch of cool gadgets. I started getting the peer pressure to check it out for myself. At first I resisted. But then, like all who submit to the Borg, I gave in.

So I set up my iGoogle personal page using the Google wizard for iGoogle. Yawn. The result was quite unimpressive. I had a page with a bunch of tabs that brought me to a lot of text pages. Yes there were links. But it was not pleasing to the eye. I decided that this was not anything that I wanted to deal with. Good enough.

Imagine my surprise when I went to do a Google search. My search page had changed. There was a lot more crap than the normal, nice and clean white Google Search page. I felt as if I had been iHacked. Well I figured that Google had determined I was an iGoogle user. Where would they store that information? In cookies of course. So I deleted my cookies and got the normal Google search page back. Come on Google. That's some bad practice. At least allow me to opt in for such nonsense. I would certainly choose not to have my Google Search page mucked up. I imagine my Gmail would have been modified as well. Who knows? Bad form Google.